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It is with great pride, excitement and expectation that Orcas Feathered Horses introduces our new Gypsian gelding, The Maji. For those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting a Gypsian "in person", it is the offspring of the purebred Friesian and purebred Gypsy horse. The Maji was born June 1, 2007, and will mature at approximately 14.2 or more. He is as sweet as they come and impeccably bred. He has more hair and color than many purebred Gypsy horses, and as close to our idea of "Proof that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" as one can come. We're very excited! And now you know why! Keep a close eye on our website. Nettie, one of our Friesian mares will be having her first Gypsian (by Shandor) in May 2009.

The Maji SOLD Shitani of Orcas IslandSOLD
Aca of Orcas Island SOLD Izar of Orcas Island SOLD
Joy Rising of Orcas Island SOLD! Gowi of Orcas IslandSOLD
RWF Omael of Orcas Island SOLD

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